4.5 Budget Friendly Face Products with Visible Effects for all Skin Types

Hello Darlings,

I am well aware this post has been written million times over from super affordable – easily accessible products to sponsored posts for products that cost an absolute fortune, HOWEVER I have actually came up with quite simple, budget friendly and effective skin care routine that will give you effects and can be applied to all skin types. If this sounds like something you’d like, then keep on reading.

For years I did not have a skin care routine. (Say, what?!) I know in this day & age if you don’t have a “Skin Care Routine” you’re nobody. (Of course I’m joking, but you know what I mean). Since I can remember my routine was: Face Wipes to Remove Make – Up (Oh, God!), Regular Soap to “cleanse” and the navy Nivea Face Cream as “moisturizer”. Now, there’s actually nothing wrong with Nivea products and during cold winters in Poland when we are talking about at least -15 degrees, they are like a God send, but if you want an effective face of make-up this isn’t your ideal product.

** TIP **

If you drink hot water with lemon every morning

it will clear your skin from within of any bacteria!


Every morning I start my day off by drinking hot water with lemon slice to clean my skin from within. I then go and wash my face using alcohol free, scent free soap. Yes, I said it guys: SOAP. I know it’s not the best for you however I really only then feel that my skin is cleansed properly. Once I wash my face I apply the Dermalogica Super Sensitive Shield which has SPF 30. This little bottle retails for approximately €37.00, it’s not the cheapest however you really only need a pea size to cover your face and moisturize it and it’s been lasting me for ages.


I have already done a post on Dermalogica products on my blog prior to the re-branding and you can find it here. Please don’t laugh as that was my first blog site ever and it’s really like going back to the cave times.


Aside from the facial products in my skincare routine, I always use a Primer before applying my foundation for longer lasting effects. I use the Flormar Primer it retails at €7.00 and can be bought in any of the Primark stores.



In the evening then, I use Garnier Miscellar Water which retails for €5.95 in Primark or it’s available in many pharmacies nationwide. I use this product to remove my make-up with cotton wool.


Once I feel I have removed my make up fully, I wash my face with soap yet again. I then proceed to apply this beautiful Vichy Night Time Cream which leaves my skin super moisturized and soft. This face cream retails for approximately €27.00 and again like with the Dermalogica products, you only need a pea size for your whole face, therefore it lasts quite well.


To be quite honest, out of the two products I do feel like Vichy is the more moisturizing one and my skin still feels fresh when I wake up in the morning. On the other hand, we are exposed to many different environments throughout the day and the Dermalogica Cream is doing it’s job quite well too given the circumstances.

Lastly, once a week I use a face mask just to bring that glow back to my skin, as lately I go make up free quite a lot. Recently I’ve been using the Mud Mask from Lacura which retails at €5.00 (!) and is available in Aldi’s. (I’m quite sure it’s a seasonal product only). It really tightens my skin and when I rinse it off I can really feel the difference. My skin feels lighter & rejuvenated.

So that’s my 4.5 products:

  1. Dermalogica
  2. Garnier Miscellar Water
  3. Vichy Night Cream
  4. Lacura Mud Mask + 0.5 Soap 🙂

I wouldn’t recommend to use soap if you haven’t before, I just personally have been doing it for years and without it my skin does not feel fully cleansed. I am yet to find a product that will actually replace it.

As you can see some of these products are so cheap and effective and the others despite the fact they might seem a little pricey you know they will actually help your skin and I guarantee you they will last. They are all available for all skin types, which is great. I always say, it’s better to invest in one quality item than keep re-buying cheap product number of times without visible effects. Make sure you consult with a pharmacist or store clerk so you are buying a product that will work on your skin type.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Until the next time!

Joanna x

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