5 Social accounts to follow that will up your reading game

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For as long as I can remember, I have loved reading. Picking up a book, the scent of old pages, my imagination transporting me elsewhere – it’s magic. These days with so many amazing reads coming out daily, it’s hard to keep up with it. That is why, before I fully dive into todays article I strongly encourage you to sign up to Goodreads. Goodreads is an organizational app for book lovers, where you can create your own book shelves of things you want to read, are currently reading, have read and so on. The app also allows you to rate your completed reads, and write a review sharing it with the bookish community. I am obsessed. This is not an affiliate or sponsored link, I just love it so much, it helps me stay organized with all my books. If you’d like to be my friend, you can find me here! 

Moving on from that, I thought I’d share some best accounts/individuals/organisations to follow on your social media to stay in the know of what is currently trending, upcoming releases and so on. It’s a good idea to see others who are passionate about reading sharing their views, as they are often unbiased and might encourage you to read something that’s outside of your usual genre. 


Your local library is a great place to start your reading journey. Following their social accounts, will allow you to most likely be the first to know about upcoming releases, new arrivals to the library, author meet & greets and so on. Often libraries put on community events which I personally love to go to. This will be different for everyone depending on where they live. My local library happens to be Vancouver Public Library. 


Vancouver Public Library Logo
Credit: http://www.vpl.ca



Need I say more? Probably not, but I will. There are tons of very popular book clubs out there, which you can be a part of. Not all of them will suit you & your preferred reading style and that is ok. Personally, I love Reese’s Book Club, BUT I find that Oprah’s offers a little more engagement. Oprah’s Book Club is on it’s 101 book right now, and you can review what other books have been picked in the past, by clicking here.

Oprah picks very varied genres, which I appreciate, because if I wanted to stay in my comfort zone I’d just read spicy, romance novels all the time. She also offers reading schedules, to allow you to read at the same pace as the rest of the book club and she does live videos discussing the books. It’s very interactive and I enjoy that. 

Oprah holding a stack of books smiling
Credit: http://www.oprahdaily.com


Emily Booked Up, is one of my favourite bookstagram accounts on Instagram. Emily is super honest in her reviews, down to earth, very creative and takes amazing, aesthetically pleasing photographs. I enjoy the fresh opinion on popular books and if you like books that have been turned into movies or series, Emily is your gal. 

You can find her on her blog here, or on Instagram here. 

Screenshot of Emily Booked Up Instagram



Another great source of news for new releases, book cover reveals, release dates and author meets will be a book publisher. This, once again, will be different for everyone, depending on their city/country and which publisher is popular and active (!) on their socials, as well as genres they tend to publish. For me, it’s Harper Collins in Canada. This is largely, due to the fact that they publish a lot of books I tend to read. 

Screenshot of Harper Collins Canada Instagram



You can get lost in the sea of information out there. As previously mentioned, so many great reads are coming out daily and it’s hard to keep up. If you were to follow only a handful of individuals, my suggestion would be to follow a creator that reads & discusses books in your favourite genre. Reading is about diversifying, which is why I recommended the above accounts to follow, but it’s also about doing what you love. I love, spicy romance novels, and I truly enjoy following Elena on TikTok for her content around those books. 

Screenshot of Elena's TikTok


Lastly, I suggest looking at your favourite authors. Often, you will get sneak peaks of character names, release dates and interesting information regarding their book tours etc. 

If you don’t have your summer reads sorted yet, I encourage you to peek at my Beach Book Recommendations here. 

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