5 Inexpensive Household Items that will turn your Simple Bedroom into a Lovely Shabby Chic Space

I hope you all had a lovely weekend & are ready for yet another week of hard work.  Today’s post is first of many (I hope) interior design related, as believe it or not I love a bit of re-arranging and DIY around the house. The whole thing of “buying and decorating a house” is still ahead of me in the future and that’s a very exciting concept. I love seeing others show their creative side and that’s how I grew to love & continuously follow The Dainty Dress Dairies by Catherine. If you haven’t seen her blog, take a peak as it will immediately transform you into the world of cottage shabby chic.


Going back to today’s topic, I wanted to share with you 5 affordable (and most importantly accessible!) home-ware items that will help you transform your house/bedroom into a lovely cottage style, shabby chic, darling look.

  1. Candles

Candles are the most commonly used items in a household and often very much underestimated! They come in various colors, shapes and sizes and are widely available in most stores. You can easily match them with your “theme” or color scheme you’ve got going on at home. I’d even go as far as to say you’d be able to pick them up in your local market.

The best places to pick up luxurious candles for fraction of the price are Dunnes Stores Home Section – I have picked up mine for €4.00! They already stock Christmas Scents (#winning) and they come in silver, gold and rose gold. What’s not to love?


Aldi is also known for their luxurious large candle range, which funnily enough are stocked next to the bathroom items. They cost €5.00 and their scent lingers for hours and they come with a lovely bow on a lid. Their packaging isn’t too shabby, they remind me of the Jo Malone or Chanel Candle Packaging. Afterwards I like to re-use the packaging for various storage ideas such as cotton wool/hair clips etc. (Another win? I think so!)

** TIP ** Keep an eye out on seasonal Yankee Candle Sales as you can pick up their wax melt burner for approximately €15.00 which in the grand scheme of things as a once off purchase is a great deal. During the sales you will pick up the wax melts for around 0.70c.

     2. Artificial Flowers

DISCLAIMER: I am not a huge fan and never have been a fan of fake flowers, HOWEVER recently with the blogging “era” taking over social media artificial flowers have proven to be the prop for flat-lays, image background etc. They also look great in an apartment if you can’t keep the real ones alive. Yes, Retro Flame I am talking about you 😉

You can get them on Wish.com for FREE you only have to pay for the shipping, which will cost you approx. €2 maybe €3. Insane, I know.  For those who would like to splurge on some more elaborate flowers you can go and check them out in the home-ware section of TK Maxx they have a great selection.


    3. Picture Frames

Just like the candles, picture frames became very popular in office spaces filled with different styles of prints or motivational quotes. Dealz have some amazing ones that look very vintage and give an impression of much more expensive than €1.50.

You can buy few prints on Etsy for next to nothing, supporting many talented individuals.

   4. Cushions

I am all about the cushions! Despite the fact, that all I seem to be doing is either putting them on or off the bed everyday they give the bed much more glamorous look and can transform the whole look of the room. Many interior designers use rugs and cushions as the contrasting, focal items making the room pop.


Now, you must be living under a rock if you didn’t see the fantastic cushions that Primark is stocking these days. Marble? Yes please!

Other places stocking affordable cushions are TK Maxx or Heatons.

    5. Trinkets & Knick-Knacks

Who doesn’t love trinkets and pointless ornaments??? Show me one person who went into Primark and actually left with the 1 item they were looking for. Nobody? I thought so. Amazing place for both home & garden ornaments, home-ware cute, shabby chic items are Aldi or Lidl. I picked up this clock in Lidl’s for €9.99. Absolute bargain and it gives the room a lovely feel.


You can also pick up various coffee table books for a centerpiece or a conversation topic.


What are some of your favorite home-ware items? Where do you like to go to find those treasures? I’d love to hear from you. As this is my very first Interior post I’d love to know if this is something you’d like to see more of on Jetsetting Bombshell.

Joanna x

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