How To Choose the Perfect Bridal Shoes for Summer Weddings

Hello Bombshells,

I have had a lot of questions after my recent Snapchat about my wedding shoes, so I decided to put it up in a blog post along with some other pairs I found online that I think all my brides to be may like.

Mind you, it was 42 degrees on the day of my wedding and my choice of heels could not have been better. As my wedding dress was champagne, I opted for strappy, gold heels by Debut – very delicate. Definitely not your typical bridal shoe, as we were getting married in Portugal in the middle of June, I knew I needed something practical and light. I bought them in Debenhams and I believe they were roughly €45.00 – an absolute steal if you ask me.



Surprisingly they still have them available in both gold & silver, you can find them here.

Some of my friends are due to get married in Italy, Spain and Malta and with that in mind I have compiled a couple options that are available for all brides to be who may also be getting married abroad, plan a summer wedding or just prefer a lighter shoe rather than a traditional bridal wear.

Below you will find my top pics for summer bridal shoes.









There are couple of things to remember when choosing your wedding day footwear:

  • Comfortable: You will be required to wear these shoes for give or take 12-15 hours of your big day; They have to be comfortable. Not comfortable when trying on and hoping they will be OK – they MUST be comfortable at all times. You must break them in – perhaps one day at home wearing fluffy socks. Otherwise you’ll be sorry!
  • Purpose: What are you buying them for? Some brides wear their heels only during the ceremony & the photos and they change into flats after. If that’s the case and you want to buy killer heels – off you go! Just think what you will need them for.
  • Place: What’s your wedding like? Where are you having it? Beach wedding – forget heels; Open Air Grounds – Beautiful Cinderella Shoes; Summer Boho Chic Wedding – Strappy Sandals? Shoes are an important accessory, as a bride you will be the one on whom the spotlight is on. Choose wisely.
  • Common Sense: Like most of us, we BUY our wedding dress only to keep it hanging in the wardrobe for the rest of its (or our) days. This does not have to be the case when it comes to your wedding shoes. Be practical, make sure they go with the dress – don’t buy white shoes if the dress is cream etc. and have fun with them. They do not have to be your stereotypical heavy, wedding heels – this will allow you to wear them after with various outfits & occasions.

** The above rules also apply if you are buying shoes for your bridesmaids; They will be on their feet just as long as you! **

I hope this article gets you thinking about what shoe style you’d like to see yourself in. Most importantly make sure they are comfortable and have fun with it, it’s not all as stressful as it may seem! (Despite my pre-marriage Snapchats haha)

Joanna x

* This article contains affiliate links. This does not cost you anything, it does not make the product more expensive. It means I get a percentage of a commission for purchased items.

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