Must Have Travel Accessories for Women

As I am planning my own travel this summer, I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite travel accessories. These are finds, that may be used not only during vacation travel but also staycations, weekends away and some in your day to day.

If you came across this post, but you are hiking or camping and some of these items don’t apply to your travel situation, please take a look at “what to pack for a hike” and “what to pack for camping” – posts I have put together in the past. Lastly, if you are a minimalist and look for some tips on saving space, take a look at my post “How to travel lightly”. I hope you find these suggestions useful and take something away from here.

For those who have been sharing my blogging journey for awhile, you might remember my recent campaign with PacSafe on their anti theft backpacks. It was no brainer I was going to include this backpack in todays post. I am using it every single day, for work – to carry my laptop, as the bag has a special laptop compartment, for beach days, where I can store all my beach necessities AND the inside lining is made from an easy to clean material – in case of spillage.

Aside from these facts, this backpack is designed for you to feel safe while traveling – solo or in a group. With its anti theft features, travel features, such as luggage loop for ease of carry. It is also made from fully recycled nylon fishing nets.

PacSafe BackPack

Secondly, I would recommend my trusty water bottle. Made out of glass with silicone coating to prevent breakage (comes with 1 year warranty) and motivational phrases, this is a perfect travel companion. I have been using it for over 6 months now, and I can truly attest to the fact that it does not leak, it is BPA Free and so easy to clean. It also comes with a spare bottle top, so you can choose your preferred mouth piece to drink through.

Motivational Water Bottle

As an avid reader, you will never catch me without a book in my backpack. Since moving to Canada, I made myself a promise to dial down on paper books (even though I loooooove a smell of a good book) however knowing we will not be staying here forever, will make it that much harder to get rid of them eventually. For my birthday my hubby got me Kobo Clara HD E-Reader – its a more affordable version of Kindle. I actually prefer it, as via Kobo you can download many epub books without having to go through paid Amazon Kindle Site. You save money!

Clara HD Kobo E Reader

Couple of options for keeping your valuable jewelery safe. I found these two awesome accessories, and honestly I am not sure which one I like better. They are both super convenient, affordable and would give me a peace of mind, knowing my wedding rings or jewelery are safe.

Firstly, the wristband ring holder. It comes in multiple colors, depending on your style/preference and it can hold couple of small items, it doesnt have to be rings. This is a great option when going swimming, or hiking and you don’t want to risk scratching your rings or losing them in the water.

Ring Pouch

Secondly, is this ring holder necklace. I have to admit, at first I wasn’t sure how it worked, however when I checked it out on youtube, i realised this is such a clever idea, I knew i had to have it. This will only hold your rings, however i think it’s a great gadget to use during air travel. You won’t have to put your rings down on the sink at the airport while washing your hands or having to take them off individually during security screening.

Ring Holder Necklace

Moving onto some gadget accessories, I found these two items that will help you keep your electronics clean and in working order while traveling. I have come across these, as one time my iphone wouldn’t charge and I had no idea why. The charger was in a relatively good condition and there was nothing wrong with the charging port. It was only when a friend suggested that maybe the charger port was dirty, did I take a look and she was right. The port had a lot of dust in it, which was blocking the connections required to successfully charge my phone. Not only, did the charger not work, it was also a fire hazzard. The two solutions below will help you keep your electronics and air pods in top shape.

Air Pod cleaning Moulds
Cleaning Mould for Air Pods

Cleaning Pod for Phones
Multi Gadget Cleaning Pod

Lastly, for the beauty lovers. I came across these two accessories, that made my life a little easier.

Firstly, these silicone, reusable make up brush covers. I will be the first one to admit, I do not clean my brushes as often as I probably should have. None the less, its only sanitary to put a cover on each of the brushes while traveling. Not only for the sake of bacteria, but also the residue make up won’t transfer onto your make up bag or other products within.

Silicone brush covers

Secondly, I started using this 4-in-1 make up brush set, which comes in a handy plastic case. It keeps your brushes clean and contained. Truth be told, I probably wouldn’t use it on a daily basis, however having 4 brushes within 1 compact case, saves room in your bag for other items.

4 in 1 travel brush set

That sums up this weeks post. The August Newsletter along with upcoming blog post topics will be coming out next week. Make sure to sign up to the Newsletter, to be the first to find out what’s on the cards for the next month.

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must have travel accessories for women

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