Hustle in Yvr

It is absolutely mental to think when I wrote my last post that things would have changed so quickly and life as we know it will never be the same. I have no intentions of discussing Coronavirus because God knows there’s too much of that elsewhere and I’d love for this space to be virus free. Ha! How about I’ll tell you about the jobs we had so far instead? I’d like to continue to keep you entertained and if I can put a smile on your face and forget about the world for couple of minutes, then I’ll feel like my job is done.

I never realized how hard would it be to get a job in Canada; no one will look at your CV or rather Resume if you don’t have any Canadian experience (sense a vicious circle here??) so your best bet is to get a Temporary Job via a Recruiter. This way you can get that vital experience and get some money into the bank. Two best things about Temporary Positions is that 1. If you are interviewing for another permanent job they will most likely (if they’re sound) accommodate you and let you go to the interviews and 2. many Temp Roles turn into Permanent Roles. Most jobs can only be accessed via a Recruiter. I have applied for positions during the week of January 20th and no joke, only this morning I’ve received rejection response to some of them so I wouldn’t hold my breath.


My first job was as a receptionist or rather Administration Assistant in an Accounting Firm. Career goals I know. May I point out that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with working at reception — Since I’ve been a child I’ve been thought that there’s no shame in any job! Its just that working at Reception at the age of…. lets say my age is not exactly a great career move but it paid so that’s important when you have no one to count on but yourself!

After my first day on the job, I cried on the way home (a little) and felt like I was a student straight out of college; which is exactly who they should have hired in the first place, NOT a qualified financial adviser. On my first day I’ve set up 2 boardrooms, cleaned the kitchen, loaded & emptied the dishwasher twice and went to get the mail. Honestly, if this isn’t height of accomplishment then I don’t know what is. I HATED it.

This job was also meant to be an opportunity to go permanent after few weeks (if there were business needs) and all I kept hearing is “This is Joanna, she’s only here for couple of weeks“. Well why don’t you just kick me in the face already. It’s so disheartening knowing you have been basically lied to from the get-go. A lot of employers will say its a temporary position with the option of going permanent only to get candidates in the door without actually ever needing anyone permanently.


Fast forward to last Friday, when it was my last day at this office because I was successful in securing a job within a financial institution (go me!) and they said they will welcome me with open arms if I want overtime hours or go back to them full time they will have no problems hiring me again.

It’s mad how things change! Now the part about this not being my perfect career is true, but to know I’ve had an impact on someone that they are calling me part of their family and “mourn” the loss of me after 5 or 6 weeks with them speaks thousands. The team in that office is remarkable, totally like a little family from the owner right down to people who actually come in to clean the kitchen 😉

I am “about to” start work with my new employer, about to as the friend that’s causing havoc outside has now delayed my employment by a month!! But I am a firm believer that what will be will be. Worse comes to worse we will come back to Ireland. I’m joking there’s no hope in heaven I’m coming back 😉

I hope you are all safe, cautious and stay home. Virtual Hugs & Kisses [Good Social Distance Practice]

Jo xo

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