Canary Islands: A Week in Tenerife

I’ve recently returned from a trip to Adeje in Tenerife. Adeje is on the South West of Tenerife, approximately 15 minutes’ drive from Tenerife South Airport. Tenerife is divided into number of areas, each area caters to a different demographic. Today I will focus on Adeje.

We stayed for a week in a KN Panoramica Hotel located as the name suggests on top of a hill overlooking Tenerife island. While the view was breathtaking and the dawns were second to none, the walk uphill and downhill were quite a workout. If I were to know what I know now, I’d book a different hotel closer to the marina, bars and shops. While the taxi was approximately €7 one way which didn’t exactly break the bank for the additional €100.00 a week we could have stayed somewhere closer to town.

Things to do

  • Siam Park – Siam Park is one of the largest water parks in Europe. There are plenty of slides, kids world, aquamarine animals, rides and cafes and shops. You’d want to be there at opening hour as during peak season you’d be looking at queuing for around 30 minutes per ride. Admission tickets are €37.00 per person – if you’d like to go there for 2 days the 2nd day will then be €18.50 only. There is a special offer on also, when you buy Tickets to Siam Park, you will receive €10.00 off tickets to Loro Parque.   We did not buy a “Fast Track” option (additional €15.00) per person as turns out Fast Track only allows you to go on the same ride twice with the admission which defeats the purpose of skipping the queues. The best ride in the park in my opinion is Singha, its super fast and scary! If you’re going to drive to the Park, leave the car at the side of the building, because if you drive into their main car park you will be charged for the days parking. There’s also free WiFi which is always nice! 
  • Loro Parque – This is an exotic animal and aquamarine animal park. I have not visited Loro Parque on this occasion as I’ve already been there 10 years prior (makes me feel very old writing that!). Its a great experience, you can watch seals performing various tricks, you can get photographed with talking parrots and there is a killer whale show in which you get soaked when you sit in the splash zone. This is ideal for family day out in Tenerife.
  •  Volcano Teide – There is a dormant volcano in Tenerife which is approximately 35 minutes drive from Adeje. You don’t simply climb it, you can take a cable cart to the top. Sadly as its so heavy with tourists it’s €27.00 admission per adult and we said No Thanks! We drove up to the bottom, had a walk around and enjoyed the views on the way back. We had rent a car which allowed us to stop alone the way wherever we liked and take photographs.
  • Mini Golf by The Sea – For holiday couples who like to stay active, there’s an option to play quite difficult mini golf right by the sea. It’s €13.00 per person and in much needed of some TLC however it was fun none the less. It accepts cash only, no cards.
  • Local Mini Train – For those of you who haven’t been to Tenerife at all it would be beneficial to hop on a mini train which will show you around the place. We usually do that in places we haven’t been to before to familiarize ourselves and see what else is out there!

Places to Eat

  • Odissea Restaurant – Lovely restaurant right by the water with even nicer staff. Great service, plenty of choices of dishes and they are delicious. It’s not your usual touristy cheap however you’ll appreciate whats being served. 
  • Hong Kong Golden Palace – If you’re anything like me and LOVE a good curry whether on holidays or not then you’ll love the place! It’s a Chinese Restaurant in a beautifully set area. The area reminds me of New England – Cape Cod Architecture or something of a Kildare Village vibe (closer to home). It’s very affordable and they serve food till late!  
  • The Irish Oak – If like my husband you like to find yourself an Irish Bar while away then the Irish Oak is the place to go for a lovely breakfast. They serve it super fresh at a great price and there are variety of combos. At night there are live shows each day to keep you entertained! 

 I hope you enjoyed my mini Travel Guide of Tenerife, when I go away I always like to know in advance of things to do, places to eat and places to stay. Feel free to leave your Tenerife suggestions in comments below.

Joanna x

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