Beginner Friendly Hike Near Vancouver

Eager to hike but don’t know where to start? Today on the blog, I share my favorite beginner friendly hike 15 minutes from Vancouver, doable in any weather!

How to manage your mental health during pandemic

Its not easy being faced with a global pandemic and living in the world of unknown for months. Ideally, we would love for someone to have an answer to all of our questions and put our minds at ease. Unfortunately these are “the unprecedented” times and the unknown can cause quite the anxiety for many….

My 5 Favorite Fall Activities

Up until this year I never really enjoyed fall. Until now I have mostly spent my adult years in Ireland. If you’ve ever been to Ireland, you will know it rains there… a lot. Therefore “fall” or how we Europeans call it Autumn was never a really pretty time of the year there. It was…

Laity South Pumpkin Patch

This Saturday it must have been the last of the summer days in Vancouver, however I was not prepared for it. I arranged with some of my girlfriends to go to the Laity Pumpkin Patch located in Maple Ridge, to “kick off” the fall season – even though for the longest time, I refused to…