Things to do Solo this Valentines Day

Just because its Valentines Day, doesn’t mean you should miss out.
Treat yourself with my Top Things to do as a Single Person this Valentine’s Day Guide.

Las Vegas on a Budget

Did you want to come to Las Vegas but it’s always been outside of your budget? Fear no more! First hand, I provide top tips on how you can save if you are patient & organized ahead of your travel!

5 Easy Mindfulness Activities for Children

The pandemic has really taken the toll on everybody’s mental health. While a lot of workplaces offer Employee & Family Assistance Programs as part of their benefits package, not everyone is lucky enough to work for a company that does. As adults we learn how to suppress our feelings, often until the boiling point and…

Mother’s Day Gift Guide Under $100

Mothers Day varies from country to country and while in Ireland its long been & gone on March 27th, in Canada (May 9th) and in Poland (May 25th) we have yet to celebrate it in 2021. Mother’s Day gives you an opportunity to celebrate your mam in style or in a symbolic way, there’s no…