Creators that will help you live sustainably

Living in the internet era, having 24/7 access to news from around the world can be scary, but it can also open our eyes to issues we must face as human beings. Planet Earth can only produce a finite number of resources such as food and water, and can only withstand a certain amount of greenhouse emissions in order to keep going. This is why it is so important to make changes to your lifestyle, to be more sustainable – even if the change is minimal. If each one of us makes a small change, collectively our changes will have a big effect.

Over the past few months I have been making small changes in my lifestyle, such as using recycable materials, avoiding single use items, growing my own herbs, reducing my meat intake and so on. This article, isn’t to convince you that your lifestyle is wrong; it’s to have an open dialog and allow you to make small tweaks for the benefit of our planet where possible.

Below, you will find my top five creators, who are doing an amazing job spreading their knowledge in various sustainable areas of life I feel you would benefit from.

Day-to-Day Tips on being environmentally conscious and frugal: We Trash Talk

Sustainability Creator

Anita, the creator behind We Trash Talk on Instagram, shares tips on being frugal and living mindfully. She shares a number of useful tips for living more sustainably, such as bringing her own, reusable utensils and take-out tupperware to restaurants (to avoid single use containers), buying secondhand items for her toddler son, from toys to clothing. With Anita, you get two-in-one – sustainability & living on a budget.

Growing plants & your own food indoors: Gardening Indoors

Sustainability Creator

Chantell from Iowa shares super simple, step-by-step guides on how to plant your own indoor garden, full of fruits & veggies. What’s great about it, she clearly lays out how long each growth will take and what environment exactly you will need to create for a successful growth, all of it indoors. This is a great account to follow, as you can literally live anywhere and still be in a position to apply her knowledge in your own home.

Sustainable Beauty & Fashion Tips: Impact For Good

Sustainability Creator

I stumbled upon Jess’ TikTok on my ‘For You Page’. I think the algorithm finally saw that I was starting my sustainability journey and “threw me a bone”, so I didn’t constantly watch other people’s dogs. While Jess’ content is so much more than just beauty & fashion, these are the two main areas I’d like to highlight. In her videos you can learn about traveling tips while being environmentally conscious; tips for renting clothing for upcoming vacation, rather than buying fast fashion; buying second hand; making your own make up remover, and so much more. I have personally tried a couple of things suggested by Jess and I am happy to report they’ve worked a treat, so I knew I had to include her in my suggestions.

Recipes and Ideas for alternative food use: Plant You

Sustainability Creator

I couldn’t not include Carleigh on my top five list. Carleigh is a plant-based chef, an incredibly creative individual who creates plant-based recipes and finds uses for the leftover food scraps. Since publishing her videos on TikTok and Instagram Carleigh has become a New York Times Best Selling Cookbook Author. Her content provides tips and tricks on how to absolutely minimize your food waste and make the most of what you have in your kitchen.

Living off of land and foraging: Outdoors Lady Paige

Sustainability Creator

My goodness, where do I even start with this account? When I started gathering ideas for this post, I knew I had to include Paige. This account is quite unusual, and if I am being honest, it is the first (and only) account of this kind I have seen thus far. Paige lives alone, in the remote Northern Yukon territories. Her content, is not only absolutely stunning – her video, and photo skills are mindblowing, but she also lives solely off of the land, on her own, as a young woman. Yes, let that sink in. While looking at her account, sustainability isn’t mentioned anywhere, however her content speaks for itself. Paige hunts all of her own game; she then cleans it, portions it, and makes use of every single part of the animal – from the fur, antlers, to fat as cooking oil etc. I believe hunting has been passed down generationally to Paige, although I may be wrong. She also forages all her own herbs, can create medicines using plants growing in the meadows and overall shows us that she can live sustainably off the land, on her own without the need for stores and all unnecessary chemicals. It’s actually quite admirable. I strongly suggest you take a look at her work.

There is a number of accounts which I could suggest, as you can never be too sustainable, especially that our planet needs us to, now more than ever, however I wanted to highlight my favorite five with a wide scope of categories covered throughout.

Honorable mention to Armen from Creative Explained (TikTok: @creative_explained) as his videos show not only sustainable tips when it comes to making the most of what you have in your home, but also show vast amount of uses for things you already own, that you had no idea about. In addition, Armen shows how to make daily tasks easier with various hacks. This is a one of-a kind account, truly creative and with tips you won’t find elsewhere.

I hope you found some inspiration from the above creators to kick off your sustainability journey. As previously mentioned, it’s not about making a huge lifestyle change, but a series of small changes that will not only save $ in your wallet but also contribute to the wellbeing of our planet. With that being said, Earth Day is coming up in April and it would be a wonderful opportunity for you and your family or friends to take part in some of it’s activities. You can take a look at Earth Day Activity Ideas here. While this is my post from 2022, many of these things are still applicable in 2023 and can be done throughout the year, too. In addition, I would love to share a sustainable practice I did, for any brides-to-be out there on how to DIY Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet as a keepsake, details of which you can read all about here.

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Creators that will help you live sustainably

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