Winter Vacation – Where to?

Up until recently I have been a big fan of taking my two weeks off in the middle of July or July/August. They call them builders holidays in Ireland. Naturally, most of the people want to take time off in the season. As a result the travel costs are higher and you have to deal with crowds. It wasn’t until recently, that a colleague of mine said, they always go away in the winter – it’s cold here so they go elsewhere to get warm. It was like a lightbulb moment moment for me! Duuh! Honestly, don’t know why I haven’t thought of this logic before but here we are. So where is best to travel in the winter, to get some much needed Vitamin D? Keep on reading below.

Maui, Hawaii

Maui, Hawaii

Hawaii is a very popular spot to travel to during winter. The best time to travel is November as it’s still dry and the temperatures are around 26 degrees Celsius. The poinsettia – the unofficial holiday flower is in full bloom in Hawaii at the time. Best areas of Hawaii to visit is the Big Island and Maui, as they are considered the drier of the islands. Once you cross into December you are risking rain. Bear in mind Hawaii is a hot spot to travel to for Christmas Vacation and you might be facing the crowds and quite a spike in pricing. Best time to visit in the winter is after the US Thanksgiving Holiday (this year November 24th ) up until mid December before the crowds start. If you decide to travel during holiday season, make sure you book any tours or attractions ahead of time to avoid disappointment.

Top thing to do: Molokini Crater. Perfect for snorkeling and diving tours.


Hanoi, Vietnam

Vietnam is another amazing destination. Hanoi as the capital of Vietnam brings huge number of tourists each year. November is a perfect time to go to visit, as it’s technically “outside” of their season therefore the hotels and fares are much more affordable. You can expect the temperatures to range from 20-27 degrees Celsius, which are optimal for sightseeing.

Top thing to do: Hoan Kiem Lake



I am not going to lie, up until recently I knew very little about Curacao, however that’s changed since they played Vancouver Whitecaps in Vancouver! I didn’t realize the beauty of this island, located just of the coast of Venezuela. Here in November you can expect temperatures to be between 25-31 degrees Celsius, nice and toasty. November is also considered here “off peak” season, therefore you can secure your travel for a much more affordable rate. Curacao is known for having one of the most beautiful, uninterrupted coral reef.

Top thing to do: Queen Emma Bridge

Burj Khalifa Views

Dubai, UAE

November is a great time to go to Dubai, not only because it’s actually cooler than other months (and when I mean cooler, I mean less than 50 degrees Celsius) but also because you can actually breathe outside. September/October are some of the hottest months of the year. The temperatures can reach sky high 55 degrees Celsius, it’s extremely humid (thanks to the weather I don’t have a single nice photo from my honeymoon), the air is very dry and it gets dark at 6pm. November is much more bearable, to a point where you can actually enjoy spending time outdoors. In November the temperatures range from 20 – 31 degrees Celsius.

Top thing to do: Burj Khalifa or Dunne Bashing in the desert

For full Dubai Travel Guide, click here and here.

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Where to vacation in the winter?

5 responses to “Winter Vacation – Where to?”

  1. I vote for Hawaii, although these are all beautiful options! 💕

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    1. Have you been? 😀


      1. Yes! It’s SO lovely and lush- the culture is also just beautiful. Kauai was my favourite island 😊

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      2. I am yet to explore Kauai. ♡


      3. I hope you have the chance to visit someday. I did an incredible zipline experience through the jungle there, and the Napali Coast is bucket-list worthy.

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