22 Unique Facts About Canada

I have to admit, as I started researching for this post I realized there is still a lot I don’t know about Canada. Canada’s dark history and vast information about its natural resources and wonderful landscape had me digging in deep for hours. Whether you’re thinking of visiting Canada, like to expand your knowledge about different countries or are already in Canada, I encourage you to check out these Unique Facts About Canada below.

  1. Every Year the Netherlands send Tulips to Canada

This is a gesture of kindness for sheltering Princess Juliana and her family in Ottawa during World War II in 1945.

Tulip Field

2. Calgary is known as the Hailstorm Capital of Canada

This is due to the worst hailstorm recorded in Canadian History dating to June 2020, where the stones were so huge, it caused over 1.3 billion in insured damages and over 70,000 insurance claims were made.

3. Canada has six different time zones

The time difference between the earliest and latest time zone in Canada is 5.5 hours.

4. Banff National Park in Alberta has highway overpasses made out of grass to allow wilderness to cross the highway safely.

5. Most movies that are set to be in Seattle, have actually been filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia.

High-rise Buildings Vancouver

6. There are laws limiting the number of coins you can use in a single transaction.

Canadian Currency Act of 1985 dictates the number of coins you can use per transaction, due to previous “overuse”.

7. Lake Minnewanka in Alberta hides an underwater town.

In 1941 the dam was released on this beautiful lake and thus taking the previously bustling resort underwater. To this day, you can dive under and take a peek at what the town and the dam used to look like. Due to mountainous glacier waters, most of the structures remain intact.

Lake Minnewanka

8. In certain provinces the doctors are in a position to prescribe you Parks Canada Day Passes, if they think you should spend more time outdoors for your health.

9. Canada is a home to more lakes than the whole world combined.


10. World’s smallest jail can be found in Rodney, Ontario measuring 24.3m squared (270 feet).

11. Since 1967 town of Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island in British Columbia hosts Great International World Championships in Bathtub Racing.

12. Parts of Smoking Hills in Northwest Territories are always on fire.

This is due to the oil reserves beneath, which cause the rocks to burst into flames.

13. Canada has no 1 or 2 cent coins.

In 2012 Canada has eliminated these, to avoid waste of time and money.

14. The Hudson Bay Region, Nunavut has less gravity than anywhere else in the world.

15. Beaver is the most popular animal in Canada. It is also the largest rodent in North America.

16. There is a little bit of France, very close to Canada.

Saint Pierre & Miquelon is located 25km of the southern coast of Newfoundland. This is the last piece of French Territory in North America.

17. There are no roads leading to Nunavut Territories. 25 Communities living there can only travel via air or boat transport.

Train Tracks

18. Popular movies like Titanic, Goodwill Hunting and Catch me if you can were in fact partially filmed in Canada.

19. Kermode Bear can only be found in British Columbia Province and nowhere else in the world.

20. Lake Ontario is a home to over 50 million goldfish.

21. In 1690 the deadliest volcanic eruption took place in Tseax Cone Eruption, British Columbia.

It killed over 2,000 Indigenous Peoples; eruption swallowed two villages and suffocated thousands of people. The eruption is known as the worst geophysical disaster in Canada’s history.

22. People in Churchill, Manitoba leave their cars unlocked to allow others to escape Polar Bear attacks.

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22 unique facts about canada

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