Three Best Campsites Around Lower Mainland

Sun is out and so is our camping gear. Today, I share with you my Top 3 Campsites around lower mainland worth checking out.

Each of these campsite locations offer variety of activities in or around the campsite.

  1. Porteau Cove Camping

Stunning location, 30 minutes drive from Vancouver. Number of campsites have a direct water front view. The campsite is suitable for both RVs as well as tents, in addition to 2 beautiful waterfront wooden cabins.

The campsite overlooks what used to be a Ferry Dock/Pier (if you haven’t seen Double Jeopardy, you should. This movie will show you what it used to look like). These days number of seals like to sit out there and chill in the sun, which is an added bonus for those who like animals.

Aside from the water views and animals, across the Sea to Sky Highway you can find number of hikes which are bucket list worthy. Stawamus Chief being one of them. This hike has three separate peaks and it can be as challenging as you make it – depending on the peak you wish to accomplish. A slightly easier hike with absolutely stunning views of the Howe Sound is the Jurrasic Ridge. The trail head is located at the Murrin Lake. In order to get parking at the lake on a good day, you need to be there by 8am latest.

Porteau Cove Camping

2. Golden Ears Provincial Park Camping

Golden Ears in Maple Ridge offers 3 different campsites to choose from. There are: Alouette, Gold Creek and North Beach Campsites. Some of the campsites offer wheelchair accessible camping; please refer to the BC Parks Site for full information.

Alouette and North Beach Campgrounds offer direct access to the Alouette Lake in which you can swim and relax on the beach. Gold Creek Campground doesn’t have a direct access, however its only about 10 minutes walk down to the lake.

If you are travelling with children and staying at Gold Creek campground, I suggest you bring a small trolley with you to wheel all your beach equipment and belongings through the woods.

There are also trails suitable for cyclists, if you’d like to explore the park.

There are number of walks and trails not only around the campground but also around the park itself for you to explore.

Alouette Lake

3. Rolley Lake Camping

Located in Mission, approximately 1.5 hours away from downtown Vancouver is the Rolley Lake Campground. This site, is definitely family focused, catering to both RVs as well as tents. There are full amenities for RVs to charge and to empty out the tanks etc.

There are variety of activities to do around the campsite, such as swimming in the Rolley Lake and relaxing by the water. There is a loop around the lake trail as well as multiple other trails varying in difficulty. 10 minutes walk from the campground, you will find the Rolley Falls – beautiful small waterfall, sort of a hidden gem.

Rolley Lake

If you are planning on camping for the first time, I encourage you to read my post all about packing the essentials for camping trip to help you get started.

What campsite would be on your top three list? I enjoy finding new places to camp and explore the area!

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