What’s it like to work from home?

There are many misconceptions about what it’s really like working from home. Depending on your personal situation, for some it may be ideal, for others who have children, working at home and having to mind them simultaneously can be a challenge. Today I outline my top 10 “truths” about working from home, check it out below and let me know if you agree.

1. I often work longer hours

As my work desk is in part within my living area there is no divide between my work and personal life. This boundary has become almost non-existent and as a result additional few minutes here and there and checking emails quickly at the weekend all builds up, to non-billable hours. You start giving free hours to your company.

2. I always feel like I have to be reachable

When you work from home, the last thing you want your manager to think is that you were doing “something you weren’t supposed to”. Honestly, it might have been a restroom break (just like you would at a normal office) however you feel like they will think less of you if you don’t answer your cell.

Simultaneously I often feel obliged to answer during my lunch hour, because “What are they going to think of me?” Again, this is down to boundaries.

3. Days can get lonely

Lets be honest here, if up until now you worked in a busy environment and now its only you and the pigeons that land on your balcony that’s a quite different set up. Sometimes its nice to meet someone in the cafeteria for a quick tea or office gossip. Its nice to get to know people on a personal basis – you don’t get to do that via Microsoft Teams. Nobody will call you to gossip or check in if its not work related.

4. Working from home is better for my skin

This sounds silly, however for the most part I don’t wear make up while working from home. What for? If i don’t have meetings and I don’t feel like spending my morning in front of the mirror, my skin is better off because of it.

There is obviously a need to feel nice every so often and show your partner you still care about your own looks (haha) but sometimes the day gets hectic and you don’t even care about trivial things like that. As a result my skin can breathe and in few years time it will make me look like I’m 20 still. (I wish!)

5. I eat/snack more

Being at home and always being able to go to the kitchen and grab a snack is not a good thing. In fact, if you are stressed or even bored and the first thing you do is eat, this can lead to stress eating or overeating and ultimately weight gain. Its no surprise number of people gained weight during the pandemic working from home and limiting their activity.

Working From The Bed. Late Night.

6. I move less

In follow up to the point above, working from home makes you move less. Whether you walked, cycled or commuted to work previously, you were forced to get ready in a timely manner and leave the house on time. Now you can wake up 10 minutes before you log on and work in your PJs – who is going to know? In the wintertime, when it gets dark at 4.00pm I am altogether discouraged from leaving the house even if it is for a walk to get some steps and fresh air.

7. I often work in PJs or Sweats

There, I said it. There are days (in fairness not too many) where I get so busy in work I don’t take lunch and I work throughout the day without even changing out of my PJs or i just throw on some sweats. This does not do my mental health any favors, as I don’t feel good about myself or my appearance.

8. I started to become more introverted

I have always been an outgoing person who could literally talk to anyone and everyone, even a wall (seriously). Having been at home for the past two years, just me, myself and I, I often decline social invitations from work simply because I don’t feel like socializing with people I deal with on a daily basis. I also find it a little bit weird, to try and get to know people I have already been working with for the past two years.

9. Doing things becomes an effort

As my work is so tied to my apartment, which is my safe zone, doing anything outside of that, that requires preparation, getting ready and planning ahead just becomes effort. I have become lazy and often have to force myself to do somethings, just so I don’t sit around in my free time.

10. Downtime allows you to catch up on some chores

Working from home isn’t all that bad. Honestly, it probably has more cons than pros however being able to put my dinner on while working from home or throw a load of laundry on while I am working has been a huge advantage. This of course does not interfere with my work schedule and does not take precedent over my daily tasks. These things can happen when I am done with my work activities and happen to have a couple of spare minutes in the day, which in fairness doesn’t happen quite often.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jessi Brandt says:

    I resonate with you on all of these. I have started to set an alarm for work cut off time. It’s helped so much! I also try and switch areas in the house for the day and listen to my Apple Watch when it tells me to stand up for a bit.


    1. Joanna Stich says:

      That is a great idea. I don’t know why I’ve never thought about an alarm. This way it’s a hard stop for work. Thanks so much for sharing!


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