5 Favorite Travel Destinations

This week I thought I’d do a quick roundup of My Top 5 Travel Destinations. Each of them is beautiful and unique in its own way, don’t ask me to pick one, I am sure I wouldn’t be able to!

Lets get to it, in no particular order 😉

  1. Greece

I have been to Greece three (if not four) times and despite having some big fiascos (accommodation wise – but that’s for another time) I would go back there in a heartbeat. Each place I visited: Greece Mainland, Kavos, Corfu, Athens, Santorini, Paxos and Naxos had something that took my breath away.

Oia, is the village that you might associate Greece with – white buildings and blue dome roofs. It is also the perfect place to say “Instagram vs Reality”. One moment you take a photo of stunning sunset overlooking the sea, next thing you have to move out of the way to make room for the thousands of people who want to do the same standing right behind you.

If you are traveling to Greece I strongly recommend island hopping. Some islands are quieter than others such as Naxos or Paxos, but worth the visit none the less.

2. New York

New York will forever have a space in my heart. I have lived there for just over a year and its really a dream that I have not fulfilled. If there was a way for me to live there permanently I would. Today, I am mentioning New York, not for the obvious reasons such as Times Square or the Statue of Liberty, but for the local gems I got to know while living there. The funky bars in Brooklyn, the Vegan Restaurants, the Hidden gardens and magical Hudson River views.

Two best times of the year to go to New York are: beginning of the summer, you will get a great weather, it won’t be too hot and sticky yet, you will be able to freely and easily roam the city. Or first week of December. This will give you the dreamy Christmas Vibes, drinking hot chocolate at the Rockefeller Center, Ice skating in Central Park and Window Shopping on 5th Avenue to name a few.

3. Malta

Malta is beautiful and has such rich history. Their water is crystal clear and it makes you think you’re somewhere like Barbados. Malta is known to get about 3,000 hours of sunshine a year! It is also one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Valetta, the Capital of Malta is beautiful and very well kept. It is filled with flowers and local stalls selling souvenirs. The city walls are ancient and it truly feels like you’re walking around the Ancient Greece or something. The architecture is breath taking and in an excellent shape.

Additionally you can visit the Popeye’s Village where the movie was filmed and you can take a day trip to Comino & Blue Lagoon where the water is crystal clear.

4. Dubai

Dubai will always have a spot in my heart, not only because I went there on my honeymoon but also because I couldn’t believe the culture and its richness.

Its important to note, that it will definitely be a culture shock for many and bare in mind, that things we do in Europe freely can be punishable in the Middle East. This is not to scare anyone, this is simply to caution to do your research and see what you can and cannot do publicly.

Having said that Dunne bashing is a must, as well as having a dinner in the desert. Dubai was the hottest place I have ever been to in my life, getting close to 48 Degrees Celsius/ 115 Fahrenheit. The humidity in the air is something else. You’d jump into the pool to cool off and by the time you came out you were covered in sweat already. It is not for the fainthearted.

They have beautiful architecture and some of the most technology advanced buildings, such as Burj Khalifa with 163 floors and fastest elevator in the world.

I have previously put together an extensive Dubai Travel Guide, if you’d like to check it out take a look at: part 1 and part 2.

5. Monte Carlo

Last but definitely not least, Monte Carlo in the south of France. Despite being tiny, Monte Carlo leaves a lasting impression. Again, its a playground for the rich and a nice lunch or dinner will set you back couple of hundred Euros, however the experience of it all is next level.

We happened to visit during the Formula 1 Races, where the whole city is turned into a track and its a joy to see. Its no wonder so many wealthy people decide to reside there, as you do not have to pay taxes in Monte Carlo.

Two key buildings to visit are the Monte Carlo Casino and right across the street is Hotel de Paris. Word of caution though, you need to have a reservation to be allowed inside the Hotel.

When I travel I like to mix history, culture, nature and relax. All of these places offer sites to visit, diverse cultures and gastronomy as well as incredible places to relax with even more incredible views.

What would be on your Top 5 List? I am interested to see, now that the world is slowly opening back up for travel.

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