4 Ways in which You can contribute to Earth Day this year!

I have taken a two week break from posting here, as the Ukraine Crisis has been weighing heavily on me, especially with my family being short distance across the border in Poland. I also didn’t feel, it was appropriate to share positive & happy things when there is so much sorrow in the world. Now, that I am starting to feel myself again in some way, I decided its time to do what I do best – write. I also debated about putting together a little Dear Diary Post about what’s been going through my head and in my heart the last two weeks – Is that something you’d like to read about? Let me know.

Now, lets discuss what we really came here for – Earth Day and Ways in which you can contribute in your community – but remember, not just on Earth Day but throughout the year too!

When is Earth Day 2022? This year it falls on Friday, the 22nd of April.

  1. Electro Recycle

Whenever you have small electrical appliances that need to be disposed of, please ensure you do it in the most environmentally friendly way. Electro Recycle Program in British Columbia accepts over 400 types of small appliances and power tools. They provide over 250 drop-off locations, therefore there is definitely one near you. Their website provides a Location Finder for the Depot near you. Some of the items accepted are things like: microwaves, irons, bathroom scales, blenders, vacuum cleaners and much more. For full list of the appliances click here.

Source: Electro Recycle

2. Cool Hood Camps

University of British Columbia is organizing Cool Hood Camps for the month of April. They are FUN and FREE programs that train you to become a climate champion in your own neighborhood through a series of super interactive workshops. Each of the series consist of 3 workshops followed by a Tree Planting Ceremony! The aim is to make all volunteers Climate Champions in their own local community and spread the message throughout. To learn more about this initiative or sign up click here.

Source: Faculty of Forestry, UBC

3. Save Energy with BC Hydro

Did you know that BC Hydro website offers variety of Energy Saving Tips and Free Resources? They also offer Rebates for those who take steps to become more environmentally friendly as well as free programs for those who qualify to help them make their home more efficient. There are number of Programs Available out there such as Home Renovations, Fuel Switching, Free Upgrades for social housing and indigenous communities as well as some options based on low income families. For full scope of their offering, click here.

Lets remember, that even a small change such as switching to energy-efficient light bulbs can make a huge difference and save you money in the long term.

Source: BC Hydro

4. Join a Local Clean Up

You may have already noticed walking around your neighborhoods, small groups of people cleaning up your local beach or park now that the winter is over. Its heartwarming to see and its something I’ve been meaning to get to for weeks now (guilty!). The Great Canadian Shoreline is one of many available resources you can go to, to either organize or join an already existing clean up in your area. To make things easier they provide you with Solo and Group Checklist of items you might need. If you are not able to take part physically they offer Online education with fun games and quizzes as well as some resources on how you can make your life a little more sustainable. In addition they have series of webinars you can attend on variety of topics. You can find further information here.

If you are a clean freak (like me) looking at all the things you were able to find and pick up can be pretty satisfying at the end 😉

Source: The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

Its important to remember, that Earth Day should be everyday. We should be striving to have as limited waste as possible, that may be through reusable fruit & vegetable bags, composting & recycling correctly (!), donating food that is soon to expire to local food banks and putting a little more effort that you’re used to – to dispose of items correctly.

Every little gesture helps immensely.

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4 Ways in Which You Can contribute to Earth Day.

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