Top 10 Social Media Accounts To Help You Get Through The Winter

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January may be done & dusted but the short days and rainy weather is still around for at least couple of weeks (if not months). With that in mind I thought I’d share with you 10 Accounts which are worth observing/following/listening to for variety of reasons such as, general knowledge, useful life tips, humor, art and wellness. I hope you will check them out and find something useful within their content. [This is not sponsored in any way, nor any of these accounts are owned/ran by any of my acquaintances].


We all know that Instagram can be a bit of “best of” snapshot. I personally don’t enjoy following creators who show you perfect life in a 5 star hotel, because majority of people cannot afford it and life isn’t a picture perfect. I do love however that Instagram is so versatile and you can find something for everyone on there.

  1. Alicia Marie Intimate Portraits (@aliciamphoto)

Alicia is a photographer based in Saskatchewan, specializing in boudoir and intimate weddings. I have been following Alicia for couple of years now, and even though I would not have the guts to get a boudoir session done myself, the way she takes the photographs is simply artistic. They are feminine, delicate, sensual & sexy, intimate and raunchy! In addition, Alicia and her business partner who does Make Up for the sessions have a great sense of humor and their reels are a breath of fresh air to watch.

2. Katie Wilkinson (@katiewilkinsonn)

Katie is a Quantum Business & Wellness Coach based in Australia. Katie is only 23 years old and she is rocking her show. She provides variety of coaching opportunities and the knowledge she shares on her stories daily is second to none. She is always very positive and she says it like it is. She openly shares her income and her journey so far; its exciting to watch someone so young accomplish so much already.

3. Chef’s Kitchen (@hecooksandshebakes)

This account ran by a husband and wife Mike & Shiran based in Montreal. They share their love of cooking and baking with the world as well as offer catering & corporate services. You do not need to be based in Canada to find value in everything they share. Honestly, to date I have used many of their recipes and what’s even better is they share easy to make recipes with easy to access ingredients. I have more screenshots of their recipes on my cellphone than I can admit.

Fun fact: We have recently made their roasted Fingerling Potatoes recipe and it was a huge hit!

He Cooks and She Bakes


Facebook might be a “lost” art but there are still some fun pages (and more recently groups) to join and find value within.

  1. Irish Times Abroad – Page

This is a Facebook Page that shares stories of Irish people who immigrated to various areas of the world and their unique stories. While it is focused mainly on Irish immigrants I find their articles provide insight and knowledge that many immigrants can relate with and most likely have gone through a similar journey. Living abroad myself away from my home country, it is heartwarming to see others are going through similar situations and emotions somewhere else.

2. Vancouver Book Club – Group

I couldn’t mention Facebook and not include Vancouver Book Club. Founded in March 2020 by yours truly, this supposedly small local book club grew to a large online community. Don’t be fooled by the name, you do not have to be based in Vancouver, BC to be an active member of our club. We have a variety of group members from all over the world that join our monthly Zoom Meetings to discuss our love of books and slam or cherish the newest read. We also have a large number of members, that don’t join the Zoom meetings but enjoy reading the books we pick and share their reviews on our wall. Everyone is welcome!

Vancouver Book Club


  1. Betches (@betchesluvthis)

This account is witty, obnoxious and relatable all in one. Their tweets hit home on so many levels and its hard to stop scrolling reading through them all. They tweet about anything and everything from recent celebrity faux pas to tweets about the daily life struggles.

Betches Twitter

Tik Tok

  1. Mama Tot (@shoelover99)

Ophelia Nichols or TikTok would know her as Mama Tot is a TikToker with over 5 Million followers and that’s for all the right reasons. Ophelia is nothing short but an angel sent from heaven. She’s a mam of 4 living in a Southern State in the US, who shares her love of shoes and love of human beings. She’s the mother you didn’t know you needed or were missing. Her TikToks are soul warming, helpful and accepting for who you are just the way you are. Her soul is so pure, I could cry and many of her TikToks bring tears to my eyes.

2. Truly Lifestyle Brand (@trulylifestylebrand)

Truly is a lifestyle brand, Canadian owned based in Surrey, BC. It is ran by a young girl and the work they do both on the professional side of things and the humor they bring to TikTok is so fun to watch. I have been watching their journey as they keep growing for a few months now and its a joy to see the business expanding and their presence is getting noticed. Very fun and great to support a small local business.

Truly Lifestyle Brand Tik Tok


  1. The Good Glow

If you are Irish, chances are you already know the Good Glow Podcast hosted by Georgie Crawford, if you don’t well I am super jealous because you will get to listen to all of the episodes! The Good Glow is a Wellness Podcast, ran by Georgie who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017 and since then she’s been on a self care journey. That is exactly what this podcast brings you, guest speakers who share their self care techniques and their style of life to cherish and make the most of every moment.

2. The Financial Feminist

This podcast is hosted by Tori Dunlap who is a Personal Finance Expert. From unreal guest speakers to sharing her own knowledge and story, Tori provides you with valuable tips and real tricks on how to become financially independent and successful. On her website she also provides you with a tonne of free resources to get you started. Listening to her podcast is like listening to two friends having a chat its very relaxed yet informative, you don’t feel like you are listening to stiff financial advice. She empowers women and her tips have helped multiple women negotiate higher salaries and become financially free.

Financial Feminist Podcast

I hope my top picks will help you get through those winter days, teach you some valuable skills and put a smile on your face. If there are other key accounts in your life you think my followers might benefit from hearing about, please list them in the comments below.

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