Small Business Spotlight: Unlikely Citizen Co.

This month I have collaborated with Unlikely Citizen Co., a lifestyle brand from Fraser Valley ran by a lovely couple Chelsea & Matt. This brand stood out to me in so many ways: Its a small, local – Canadian owned & run business, it was born during pandemic and it aligns with so many important values that I support – it’s natural, cruelty free and sustainable. It’s a no brainer I wanted to collaborate and share their products with the rest of you!

About the Business

Chelsea & Matt met in 2015 working in a large scale corporate company; after years of hard work and no wage increase and little fulfillment they have taken a vacation to Sunshine Coast in 2020, upon their return they have waved their jobs goodbye and Unlikely Citizen Co. was born.

Admitted honestly on their site, even though they are currently not better off financially than they were in their corporate jobs, they now feel the fulfillment in their business – and rightly so! You can evidently see that they put their heart and soul into all they do. Speaking from a Social Media Strategist perspective (you can find my services here, shameful plug) the detail that goes into each Instagram Post is second to none and their website is beautifully crafted and thoroughly thought out.

About the Products

Unlikely Citizen currently offers a small selection of 100% natural and eco-friendly candles & body scrubs. The labels & the names of the products represent a significant meaning to both Chelsea and Matt, which only makes their product more appealing and relatable. I was lucky enough to try out the MUNDAY Body Scrub and my initial reaction was that it smells like mountains & trails. The scent is definitely unique and as a new resident of BC and first time hiker and outdoors lover this really pleasantly surprised me. It feels like I brought back all of my favorite outdoors inside into my home; what’s even more important is that many people out there aren’t in a position to leave their homes during the pandemic – bringing a little bit of outdoors in is a wonderful option.

The products are cruelty free & sustainably packaged – they are good for your home and for your body. What’s awesome is that you will get $1 off your next purchase if you return the packaging to Chelsea & Matt helping to keep our mountains snowy and our trails green. Their vision aligns with everything I stand for and try to communicate on my channel and I am so blessed to have been able to collaborate with them.

Supporting Local Business

It takes time to get small local businesses names “out there” and get them the traction they truly deserve. You know me, I rarely share businesses on my channel, unless I fully support them and it aligns with my values and what I want my channel to represent.

I’d love for you to check out their site and their social media, and hey if you love their products please support them. We need more businesses like this to thrive and get their message out there! You can view their website here and their Instagram account here. By following them or sharing their products with your friends and family you are supporting a local Canadian Business for free.

We love what we do, and we love to do them, in our own Unlikely way

– Unlikely Citizen Co.

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