Top Things To Do in Quarantine

As you all know, we have returned from a month in Ireland on January 2nd followed by a two week compulsory quarantine in Canada. During quarantine, you are not allowed to go outside of your apartment (unless you have a private patio/balcony for yourself) and you cannot have any visitors. It is best to organize your groceries ahead of time, as well as anything else you might need unless you have family or friends who are willing to help you out (contact-less of course).

“Luckily” I was back to work during those two weeks, as my role is 100% from home therefore the 2 weeks did not drag for me as they did for my husband. I tried to find him multiple projects and things to do to keep him occupied, as seeing him watching TV 24/7 was just annoying, especially when I had to work! This is how my Top 5 things to do in quarantine came about. I hope you find some inspiration from this and would love if you added your own tips in the comments below.

  1. Catch up on your reading

I am the founder of Vancouver Book Club, where we “meet” via Zoom once a month to discuss a book that was voted by the group month prior. As I had to work remotely while I was in Ireland and I took some time off over Christmas to spend as much time with my loved ones as possible,as a result I was a little behind on my reading. Quarantine is the perfect moment to catch up on your books, as there are no distractions and 100% you wont find anything else more “important” to do. Some of my most recent favorite books were: Anxious People; Inferno and Becoming. I am always on the hunt for the next best reading, leave your favorite book suggestions in comments below.

2. Online Quiz/Family Charades

During the pandemic you might not have had time to visit all of your family members or friends for various reasons (I know we didn’t). Therefore catching up with them via Zoom and having a family night is the perfect opportunity to utilize the time during the day, where usually you’d be working, especially if there’s a significant time difference. We have “attended” few online quiz nights organized by the Irish Consulate in BC and it was so much fun and an opportunity to connect with others who may be in isolation.

3. Netflix

I cannot even tell you how many items are on my “want to” watch list on Netflix. These days, I’m up to my eyes in work, private clients & blogging, my reading and Netflix lists are just growing with no end in sight. If you’re going to watch TV to kill the time, you might as well get those shows ticked off your list once and for all. I still have Dawson’s Creek on my list and I started watching it in September!

Some of my favorite Netflix Shows are Pretty Little Liars (I know what am I, 15?), Dark, Safe, The Five, Blended and recently This Is Us.

4. Learn a new language

Since the whole world is turning digital in order to actually be able to somehow continue moving, learning foreign languages is also available online and for FREE. I have been using DuoLingo for the longest time to learn Portuguese so when I finally get to go to Brazil I will be able to speak to my family! If you’d like to check it out, its available on IOS and Android, and here’s my referral link.

5. De clutter

Ah yes I have saved the best for last. I am sure at this stage in quarantine your home is spotless, but is it de cluttered? Could you do with a major closet clean out? Or the kitchen presses? Also, if you live a minimalist style (go you!) then do you maybe have a DIY Project you have been putting off for awhile? Now its the time to get it done. Honestly, believe me you will never get a time like that in your life again!

I wish I could say the same, however lately there aren’t enough hours in my days. If I get to finish work by 10pm on a daily basis lately, that’s a success. Wonder how many of you have actually gone through quarantine? What did you accomplish during your time off? Or did you work?

Would love to hear your stories!

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