Unusual Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

It’s that time of the year again when your better half will either throw you some “subtle” hints as to what should she find under the tree on the morning of 25th of December OR she will try and test you. Yes, we women like to test our partners to see how inventive, imaginative and original you can get.

I didn’t put together a gift guide this year, however as a person who feels like I have all the necessities I need and like to be surprised I thought I’d bring you some original ideas that will for sure make your other half smile or at least surprise her.

Vintage Tea Tours – This is a lovely way to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon in January when finances are very scarce and its a great way to get Dublin sights in. This is a lovely Afternoon Tea served on a Vintage Shabby Chic Tour Bus whilst driving around Dublin.


Concert/Event Tickets – Another great way of showing you pay attention to your partners interests are event tickets. They’re usually announced and advertised quite often in media therefore a chance of actually missing ticket sales for your partner would be very hard, especially in Ireland. It’s also a great gift as it gives you something to look forward to after Christmas.


Help to develop her Hobbies/Interests – Does your partner have a hobby? Is she a member of a club? Why not paying for the subscription to her hobby, or admission for 3 months to her club? It shows you care; that you support what she does and want her to be happy and support “her” time. (This is not meant to be a gym pass – unless she’s a gym junkie!) The whole point of this gift idea is to support her in something that makes her feel good about herself as a woman.


Do things as a couple – So often our lives get so busy that we just pass our partner in the hallway on the way in/out and see each other at the weekends in between the chores. Its so important for a healthy relationship to do and more importantly want to do things together. Why not join a dancing class? Or a spinning class? There are hiking clubs for those who enjoy outdoors as well as cycling. This gift is for only you two to spend quality time together while doing something fun.


Handmade Coupons – If you’re Friends junkie like me you will know this is Joey’s favorite gift. This is actually a hilarious gift, that she will appreciate as all coupons must be handmade with love. These coupons can be for anything i.e. Coupon for a hug, for a kiss, for a pass to go “out out” with her girls, coupon to skip cleaning the flat etc etc. The world is your oyster with this gift.


I hope you enjoyed this unique gift guide for her – while I didn’t hand you gift ideas on a plate (you still have to get your hands dirty) often it’s all about the effort you put into the gift rather than the gift itself.

Merry Christmas!

Joanna x


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