Why are candles in the bedroom a bad idea?

Have you ever scrolled through Pinterest or an Instagram and thought wow that’s a great photo but why is she (or he) putting candles on their bedding?? While that makes for a great photo this styling is so dangerous and thoughtless!


Today I am sharing the top reasons as to why having candles lit in your bedroom is an extremely bad idea.

  1. Fire – Number one cause of house fires are candles left unattended be that in the bedroom or anywhere else in the house. Sure they smell great but make sure they are placed away from all flammable materials and are blown out when you leave the room.
  2. Chemical Byproducts – Not all candles are what they state they are. They are not all “handmade & organic” like everything else on the market they contain chemicals that can cause a lot of damage to your health. Which brings me to the next point:
  3. Cancer – Yes, sadly our beloved candles can cause cancer. Not surprisingly, as many things these days cause cancer however think how big is your room? How small of an area you’re limiting the candle to affect; usually with the doors and windows closed we don’t usually let the fumes “go away” anywhere.
  4. Respiratory Irritation – You can develop lung irritation from inhaling the fumes, its almost as bad a second-hand smoking. The particles you inhale linger on your throat and eventually stick to its lining. This can cause long term damage.
  5. Common Allergies – Lastly, candles can bring out allergies onto you. They can cause allergies such as dust, linen and particular scents can trigger different symptoms, especially the spiced candles.


I am sorry to be the bearer of the bad news, as I do love a good candle myself. Heck, I usually buy candles for my friends as gifts be that birthday, new home or get well gifts. Candle says a thousand words. Sadly many of us don’t realize the damage they can cause. If you insist on using them, firstly don’t use them in the room you sleep in; that’s a huge no no as the smell and chemicals linger on at night and you continue to inhale the fumes for 6-8 hours straight. Secondly, make sure you use them in a well ventilated room or have a window or a door open. Lastly, never ever use them in the bathroom – they are known to be “blind” meaning no windows, they are also the worst ventilated space in the entire house, combined with steam this carries double the chemicals into your respiratory system.

I hope you found this informative and if this post helps even one person then I’ll feel like I’ve accomplished something here.

Joanna x

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