The Best 6 Restaurants in Kraków

Kraków Rynek Glowny

Dear Jetsetters,

I am back to you after a very long break (more about that in another post) with a travel/cuisine post. If you have been following me on my Social Media Channels I had to fly home to Kraków to visit number of doctors and that’s how an idea for this post came about.

It was my first time bring my husband to Poland (yes, I know a bit late!) and apart from breakfast we didn’t cook in the apartment whilst there, so I feel like I’ve gained about 5kg in a week dining out. I can’t help it, home cooking is the best!

Throughout the years I’ve been dining in number of restaurants in Kraków city center and number of them I return to over and over again which I think deserve a mention.

  1. Kuchnia u Babci Maliny – Ul. Slawkowska 17 – Traditional Polish Cuisine

U Babci Maliny Kraków

Do you have this one family member that makes the most amazing, old-school home cooked meals? Well, for me it was my grandmother and I’d be confident that most of Polish people would say the same. This is where the name of the restaurant came from “At Grandmother’s”. This place is a self service restaurant with the most unique interior. I wouldn’t call it a “design” it’s everything that you could find in your grandmother’s house, shed, cupboard or closet. The food itself is super tasty, very traditional and it’s super affordable. This is my favorite restaurant in Kraków.

Recommended Dish: Tomato Soup; Pierogi Ruskie (Dumplings with Cheese & Onion)

2. Marchewka z Groszkiem – Ul. Mostowa 2 – Polish Cuisine

Marchewka z Groszkiem

This quaint restaurant located in the Jewish Quarter of Kraków called Kazimierz brings out local crowds. The portions are generous, food is tasty and it will suit everyone’s preferences. While I’d call it traditional Polish, you can also suggest it’s very European however you will not find “take-away type meals” such as Steak and Chips here. It’s family friendly and during the summer they have a seating area available outside. It’s extremely popular with the locals, bookings at the weekends are essential.

Recommended Dish: Rosól (Chicken Broth); Schabowy (Fillet of Pork); Lemonade

3. Trattoria Mamma Mia – Ul. Karmelicka 14 – Italian Restaurant

Mamma Mia Kraków

Another great find is this Italian Place only 5 minutes walk from the main square. Located on Karmelicka Street, this restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating area (weather permitting) with an extensive menu. In the back part of the restaurant you can watch the chefs preparing your food. Authentic Italian will not disappoint and it’s quite reasonably priced too for what you get.

Recommended Dish: Bruschetta with Tomato’s; Spaghetti Bolognese

4. Taco Mexicano – Ul. Poselska 20 – Mexican Restaurant

Taco Mexicano Kraków

This was my second visit to this particular restaurant and it did not disappoint. If you are a light eater do not order a started as the mains are more than generous. Again, this place is located within 5 minutes walk from the square. Nice Latin music playing in the background, sombreros and ponchos available.

Recommended Dish: Beef Burrito & Desperados 🙂

5. ZAZIE Bistro – Ul. Józefa 34 – French Restaurant

Zazie Bistro Kraków

My most recent visit to Kraków was my first time at this place and it was amazing! For someone who doesn’t eat Seafood (me) I still managed to find a number of dishes to suit my taste. This definitely caters to a specific taste buds, seafood lovers. Located in the Jewish Quarter of the city, called Kazimierz it’s quite pricey (comparing to the others listed above) but worth every penny.

Recommended Dish: French Onion Soup (it’s a must); Zapiekanka (Potato Bake)

6. Pod Wawelem – Ul. Sw. Gertrudy 26-29 – “Polish Cuisine”

Pod Wawelem Kraków

Myself and Warren found this place by accident while trying to hide from pouring rain in the city. Located at the foot of Wawel Castle this restaurant caught our eye as one glass wall sticks out and looks like a local tram. The food is tasty, basic and generous in size. I wouldn’t call it traditional Polish as it bares quite a big German resemblance such as the Large German Thick Pint Glasses, Girls Wear Similar Uniforms to those in Bavaria and as a snack you get a gherkin & sour cabbage. Nonetheless, it’s typical for tourists and it’s a nice experience. (Very Instagrammable)

Recommended Dish: Rosól (Chicken Broth); Sznycel (Fillet of Pork)

All of the restaurants had English speaking staff and full menus in English which was great to see that they’ve adapted to the overseas tourists.

There are number of other restaurants in Kraków that are beyond amazing and definitely deserve a mention, however I wanted to bring you authentic food, checked out first hand with a nice experience, good service and not your typical overpriced tourist traps. (Like in every big city, unfortunately Kraków has them too).

If you’ve been to Kraków and found a lovely spot to eat – let me know I’d love to hear about it and maybe I’ll get a chance to check it out on my next visit.

Joanna x

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