My Every Day – Day!

Quite often on my social media especially Snapchat (joanna.stich) I get asked what it is that I do, how I manage everything and what my day to day life is like. WELL, let me tell you it is not that exciting. Monday to Friday I do the same thing – I am gone out of the house for 12 hours every day and I come back exhausted.

I wake up at 6.00am; make the bed and head downstairs for breakfast.


Usually my breakfast is a bowl of Protein Granola from Aldi & tea with lemon. Quick and easy is essential in the AM.

I get ready & head for my train no later than 7.10am.

I arrive to work and get a cup of coffee; this wakes me up and I am ready to face the world of wonderful customer service.


I am at my desk from 9.00am until 5.30pm daily…….

I get home for approximately 7.00pm have my dinner & make dinner for the following day; women’s work is never done as my father-in-law says.


I then catch up on emails; blog news; social media and  family & friends messages.

Some time gets devoted to my hubby, of course.

Shower, PJ’s and I can finally put my feet up (maybe with a cuppa if the hubby feels generous enough to make it for me).


I doze off on some night time drama on TV and the cycle begins all over again…

As you can see I don’t have much time for anything else, however I have to try and make the most of my travel time etc. to get things done and be able to carve out the much needed family time. If any of you have any questions about time management etc. feel free to comment below or you can read my recent time management post here for more tips!

Joanna x

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