7 Most Unique Things to do for Valentine’s Day in Ireland

I always found Valentine’s Day a commercial cash cow for retailers, however I am not completely dead inside and I do enjoy a nice gesture every now & then. We all like to be treated, live romantically and just feel special in general.

This year I am bringing you the most unique ideas for things to do together, to bring you closer as a couple and really allow you to enjoy one another.


  1. Whitefriar Street Carmelite Church, Dublin

This church is the landmark of Dublin City where the remains of St. Valentine’s – patron of love and Hallmark Cards lay. This is one of the hidden gems of the city and definitely one for the real old school romantics.

2. Pullman Restaurant at Orient Express, Galway


This one of a kind restaurant is situated in two train carriages. It’s decor is identical to the original orient express. The fine dining is an experience like no other.

3. Bubble Dome at Finn Lough, Northern Ireland


Take his/her breath away with a night away in the bubble dome. There’s nothing like this to bring you back to mother nature. You can lay there, sip on some champagne while watching the starts all the while cosy, tucked into your four poster bed.

4. Glamping, Various locations in Ireland


Glamping is perfect for the lovers of all things nature. There re number of glamping sites across Ireland such as Armagh, Cork Cavan, Galway, Kerry, Leitrim and Wicklow. Each of them differs, but I heard it’s an experience like no other.

5. Game of Thrones Feast at Castle Ward, Co. Down

Know a lover of GOT? Personally I have never seen it, nor was it appealing to me however there are thousands of people that love this Medieval Drama! Now you can experience it first hand whilst wearing authentic Medieval Costumes. Life made? I think so!

6. Taste of Titanic at Rayanne House, Belfast


This 5-Star, 9 Course Meal is a recreation of the Meal served to 1st Class Passengers of the Titanic. Served in a beautiful 5 Star B&B in Northern Ireland, 10 minutes drive from the Titanic Belfast Exhibition if you would like to go all out for your other half.

7. Afternoon Tea at Bewley’s Cafe, Grafton Street, Dublin


This historic cafe has been closed for the last 2 years & undergone major renovations costing 12 million Euro. Fear not, this is a very lovely place if you are at the beginning of your relationship and you do not want to spend a fortune yet have a lovely day together. Be sure to come early as this is a very popular and busy spot especially with tourists.

For date type Valentine’s Day ideas go to my blog post from last year. Kindly note, this was my very first blog website prior to re-branding; hence why I apologize for the appearance. (We all gotta start somewhere, right?)

With Love,

Joanna x

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