2017 Highlights

Happy New Year!

Another year has passed, another clean slate, new beginnings – “New year, New Me” Farscicle… 

Today, I wanted to take a look back on 2017, it is after all the year I got married and I guess this will forever have a special place in my heart.

The Wedding

The year started as one of the most stressful ones, with wedding fast approaching and there were never enough hours in the day to get things done. It was also a time where I never fought with my partner more. The constant sacrifice of everything – nights out, treats, dining out… But it paid off, I’m glad to say we were able to pay for our wedding upfront and start off married life debt free. That feeling is truly amazing – it’s amazing now; it wasn’t then, even though we knew it was for the grater good.

Suitcase Wanderlust Wedding Cake

The Blog

It was also a year when Jetsetting Bombshell got named as One of the Top Luxury Lifestyle Blogs by Feedspot; and was nominated for Best Newcomer Award & Best Lifestyle Blog Award AND won a Liebster Award. I was also one of the first people to have the pleasure of driving the newest BMW series which unveiled at the beginning of 2017. It was most definitely an unexpected moment for me and really has shown me that someone out there reads my blog and most importantly appreciates it! It definitely motivated me to do more, be more and invest time in it. Now that the wedding is over I am able to create a schedule and stick to it. As usual, you will be able to see my Wednesday Wisdom on my Facebook every Wednesday and new blog posts every Thursday & Sunday.



2017 also brought my first freelance work for me (aside from my blog) and hopefully it is a beginning of something great. There’s nothing more I’d love than work for myself full-time, be my own boss, create my own rules.


My honeymoon trip to Dubai was definitely a highlight of the year (right after getting married of course) and a huge tick of my bucket-list. Along with that we have traveled to Czech Republic, England, Portugal, Hungary and got explore some of Ireland, my favorite being Achill Island. Never stop dreaming!!


I have to say, I feel quite accomplished and happy with what we have managed to fit into 2017 and lets hope 2018 will bring even more adventures and challenges for us!

What would you put down as a highlight of last year? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.


2 responses to “2017 Highlights”

  1. One of my highlights was going to Hungary too. We went to the same spa you did and I got engaged that evening!

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    1. Ohh that sounds lovely! Congratulations x


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