Living outside your comfort zone

Lately, I have been working on multiple projects whether that’s at home, work or socially and you might have noticed on my social media (especially on Snapchat) lack of activity as I have really taken on so much, I am starting to think there aren’t enough hours in the day these days. I am hoping to write a post about time management soon, as I know our lives can get quite hectic and a lot of you ask me “how I do it all”. But that’s for another time.

I have set out couple of goals that I’d like to achieve in the nearest future and boy, is it a LOT of work. In order to achieve these goals I have had to get out of my comfort zone. You know that feeling you have in your tummy that I’m hungry/I’ll be sick/I’m excited feeling? Yes, that’s what I’ve been feeling, on my own demand may I add


I have recently taken on a client as a freelance work to help them with their Digital Marketing. That was nerve wrecking; the anxiety that I am not good enough to freelance this kind of thing, the embarrassment of having to discuss money, the initial reach out to the client with the proposal of collaboration, fear of rejection. I am great on paper, but when it came to discussing ideas over the phone I thought I was going to vomit with stress (excuse the graphics). I still don’t know if I am going to be good enough and if this will work out in the long run, but hey you don’t ask you don’t get right? I expect the road to be rocky and there will be disagreements on various things I’m sure but I feel I am on the right path. It’s the direction I’m hoping to move towards.

Another project I am working on is toy collection/donation for Temple Street Hospital. This is done in my private life, hence why you wouldn’t have heard it over on my social media. I have been evaluating my life recently and I decided we spend so much money on unnecessary things during Christmas (guilty!) and it’s time to give something back. That’s where the idea of toy donation came from. Since then, I had so much feedback from family, friends and strangers that it has completely outgrown me and now I am collecting toys,clothes,cosmetics – you name it for the Temple Street Hospital, Orphanage in Poland and Young Mother’s Home also in Poland. The generosity of people has really shocked me. I get numerous messages on daily basis, people looking for direction, advice and assistance. I feel like this project forced me to become the leader and an adult overnight. So far the only thing I am certain of is that adulthood is a lot of improvising (haha).

On top of all of the above I work full time and as a result I’m out of the house for just over 60 hours a week; Of course I also want to keep up with my blog, bring you guys fresh, interesting content regularly and I want to stay married for a little while longer SO making time for my husband is essential too 😉


I’m not going to lie, there’s a lot of late nights, early mornings, cramming things into every spare moment I have – all of a sudden the train journeys to work are a God send for getting things done. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Why? Because I want to succeed in life, I don’t want to work for someone else’s pocket.

It’s good to get your juices going and get out from under your security blanket to see what’s out there, you never know an opportunity may be just around the corner. These funny anxious feelings make me feel alive. Soon, I am going to my first official Primark event and that will definitely be placing me out of my comfort zone big time, I want to go but I’m afraid of facing this alone.

Thing to remember is, not everyone will like you or what you’re doing with your life and that OKAY. Do your thing; hustle – be the boss of your life. Don’t let anyone else bring you down.

I’d love to know, what do you experience when you do something that scares you? What is outside of your comfort zone? For me it’s definitely, the rejection and the unknown, I always want to have a plan of what’s next, I cannot relax and “just go with the flow”.

Joanna x

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