5 Beauty Hacks For Nights Out

Another week already and we are almost in November. Where is this year going at all? Today, I am bring you five beauty hacks I’ve learned over the years to either – speed up your getting ready process or help you look better! I have tried each one of these personally therefore my Bombshells I can tell you they WORK.

  • Put a coat of clear nail polish before you paint your nails: This might not be a common knowledge to everyone, but if you first paint your nails with clear nail polish and then put color on; you will be able to remove the nail polish quicker when the time comes. Clear Nail Polish is a God send for many tricks, also known for helping you if you tore your tights.


  • Put a thin layer of foundation on your lips before applying lipstick: Just before you apply your lippy (and this works with lipsticks only for aesthetic reasons) put a thin layer of your foundation or concealer on your lips and this will create a good “base” for your lipstick for longer lasting effects.


  • Spray your powder/highlighter brush with setting spray: Moisturizing your powder spray; blusher or eye shadow brushes with a face setting spray or face mist before use will enhance the pigmentation of the product and it will give better overall effects (and save you time).


  • Spray your hairbrush/comb with hair spray: We all have that one annoying piece of hair that just won’t stay where it’s supposed to. I have recently learned that if you put some hairspray on your brush or comb (usually works better with combs) the hair will stay in it’s place and it will not make your hair look greasy or flat.


  • Highlighter on collarbone and Shoulders: If you are going for minimalistic make up but you’d like your features to be highlighted I always put some highlighter right on my collarbone and on the “tips” of my shoulders. If you are not sure how to do it so it doesn’t look tacky just take a moment to see where does the light reflect on your bones and apply by patting it with your finger (Be careful not to overdo it). This will give your skin lovely glowy effect.


These few beauty hacks have saved me a tonne of time (back in my party days – old people’s joke haha). If you have any other time saving tips I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Joanna x

*Photographs courtesy of Pexels*

13 responses to “5 Beauty Hacks For Nights Out”

  1. Those were great tips. There were a few new ones for me. I have a few tips, a little bit of bronzer under your cheek bones accentuates and frames your face. My hairdresser also taught me to blowdry your hair in a downward motion, so that you are not opening up the follicles and creating frizz.


    1. Hi Stephanie, that’s right I heard about the blow dry but I’ve never been able to blow dry my own hair. Should give it a try sometime x

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  2. Awesome tips, have not tried foundation over lips, but shall give it the next time we have the date party:). Thanks


  3. Great tips! I do that with the hairspray on my brush, I think it looks way more natural applied via a brush than sprayed on. It can go a little brittle otherwise!

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    1. Exactly! And nobody likes a bad hair day 😂😂


    2. Women don’t have enough excuses to get out of the house ☺☺


  4. Some great tips here, to help me get out the house sooner, to enjoy the night partying away.


  5. I remember putting clear nail polish on ladders in my tights – it worked! I’ve never heard that about hairspray on a comb though 🙂


  6. I remember putting clear polish on ladders in my tights! I hadn’t heard about using hairspray on a comb though, great tips!

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    1. I think we all bring different tips passed on from our generations 🙂🙂


  7. I love that tip about spraying your brush with setting spray!! I never thought of that one. I admit I don’t really go out much now since my 20’s but even for everyday these are great!


    1. I know once I turned 25 it was like going downhill for me I can’t handle partying anymore!


  8. Fab makeup tips here. A layer of foundation on the lips definitely helps the lipstick stay on. I do that all the time.


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