My 2018 Travel Bucket List

Ahoy Bombshells,

As you can guess from today’s post title I’m bringing you the down low on my 2018 travel bucket list. (Himself doesn’t know it yet, so keep it under wraps)

As we are planning quite a big change in our lives – more about that later, I’m trying to be realistic as to how much we can really “pack” into one year. Below you will find a list of destinations I have been lusting after for awhile – If I get to see 80% of them in 2018 I’d be delighted!


  • Ring of Kerry – I have lived in Ireland for 13 years now and I’ve only ever been to Kerry once when I was 16 (?). I don’t remember much and I’m fairly sure I have not completed the full ring. I’d love to do it on a long weekend and stop off in Killarney for the night which is meant to be the loveliest little town. The Ring of Kerry is 179km long and the route is just BEAUTIFUL. Not far from there you will find Dingle, which is another lovely little town where you can find the “famous Irish” dolphin.


  • Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland – Believe it or not, all my time spent in this country and I have never ever been to Northern Ireland. Perhaps, because you hear the stories about the Catholics vs. Protestants and it makes you not want to go in case you get in trouble. Now, I know this sounds very prejudiced; that’s not my aim I’m just being honest. I’ve heard that not too far from there you will find the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge which is also a popular attraction worth doing.



  • Zakopane, Poland – I know what you’re thinking – I’m Polish; HOWEVER there are actually number of places in my beautiful country I haven’t been. Zakopane isn’t actually one of them. I’ve been there once as a little girl, maybe twice, but I’ve always wanted to go and learn to ski. Zakopane is a ski town on the South of Poland and it’s absolutely stunning. Given that I never even brought my husband to Poland before (go figure!!) I think this would be a great place to start. You can rent out a cabin for the weekend. During the day you can attempt not to look like Bambi on Ice & in the evening sit by the fire and drink mulled wine. (Can you hear Christmas calling already? 🙂 ) It’s quite an expensive trip that’s all I’m going to say for anyone looking to go.


  • Disneyland Paris, France – Another quite comon attraction, but it’s been on my list forever. I’ve wanted to go as a child and never had the opportunity to & I really want to go before I have my own kids so I can truly enjoy it! Haha.
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Utterly overpriced destination but those bikes are calling my name! I’m not gonna lie, this is a very Instagrammable Location in my eyes and that’s also a huge factor in favor of it. I’m interested in the history of World War I & II (not overly, more as an enthusiast) and I’d love to see Ann Frank’s House. I cannot even comprehend that a family could live hidden for this long & what they had to suffer through is utterly heartbreaking.



  • Mexico – I don’t have a specific area in Mexico I’d like to go to, preferably not Cancun. I like to explore some place perhaps not very tourist oriented, and from what I hear this cannot be said about Cancun. I know it’s THE place to go for many of the Irish Honeymooners, US Tourists, Stags/Hens etc. I’d like to find someplace more secluded but still safe. Any suggestions are welcome.
  • Las Vegas, Nevada – This destination speaks for itself. I’d love to go to Vegas for a crazy weekend away full of pool parties, drink and gambling. This would be a 3-4 nights trip maximum while I still can hold my drink and not require 3 days to recover from the hangover (The Clock is ticking!).

Las Vegas Welcome Sign 3/30/11

Of course I haven’t included any of the little day trips I’d love to go to such as local places as this post would never end. I do keep a little notebook and every time I read or hear about a nearby place worth visiting I note it down and try to go during weekends – weather permitting.

What are some of your bucket list destinations? Have you been to any of the above? If you have any tips on accommodation/places to visit/things to do are welcome – leave them in the comments below.

This year I still have Dubai & Budapest on the cards to look forward to, I will be sure to report back on my experience.

*** All of the photographs used in this post, have been sourced via Google. They are not made by me ***

11 responses to “My 2018 Travel Bucket List”

  1. What a fun post! Love the list 🙂

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  2. This looks like such a fun year! I hope you get to see most of these places. I can vouch that Amsterdam is worth the hype, I really enjoyed my time there. Happy travels!

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  3. Great list! Heading to Disney paris this minth and so very excited!!


    1. So jealous! Let me know how you get on xx


  4. This is good, go travel, see the world and appreciate the fact that we live in a beautiful planet 🙂

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  5. Emily Abbey from Avatar
    Emily Abbey from

    YES! Travel, travel and travel some more! I’m proud to say I’ve ticked off quite alot on your list already, Donegal is as stunning as you can imagine, and Northern Ireland is super cool in it’s own way (go to the Titanic museum in Belfast!), Disney is Disney, and Amsterdam is amazing for a weekend break (and yes, Ann Frank’s house is as haunting as you can imagine). Enjoy planning your 2018!

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  6. Great list, I should do one too. I’ve been to Disneyland Paris and it was so much fun, you’re never to old for Disney’s magic. x

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  7. Wish you the best of luck that is a great list

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  8. This is a great list! Dubai is one place that I dream of visiting one day.
    I’ve been to Disneyland Paris (I was in college), and it was so fun. I’m a Disney lover though, so I walk around super happy whenever I’m at one of their parks.
    If I can recommend some Mexico sites, I would go to Oaxaca and Puebla. They’re both so beautiful and there is so much history without the tourists,

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    1. Thanks for your tips! I will be sure to check them out xx


  9. […] you something to look forward to. I will definitely try my best to complete the majority of my Travel Bucket List this […]


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