Things to do in Albufeira, Portugal

Albufeira Beach
Good Afternoon Bombshells,
This time I am bringing you all I’ve learned while visiting small but very well know town of Albufeira in Algarve, Portugal.  As some of you may know I recently got married in southern Portugal and it’s a place I will forever have fond memories of. Funnily enough every time I went out to Albufeira, be that on a holiday or to finalize wedding related bits I have always always always bumped into someone I knew from Ireland. Insane! Albufeira continuously proves to be a popular spot for the Irish, which is how the idea for this post was born.
I have been out there four times now and each time we have discovered new things to do and places to see. Albufeira really has it for all ages!
Albufeira Sand Sculptures
Like on every sun holiday you will find a detailed sand sculpture… because why not eh? Now let’s get started!



– Big Shanghai Restaurant
Located next to the Paraiso de Albufeira hotel this Chinese Restaurant is a treasure. We have been there on number of occasions and even with big groups they will be more than happy to accommodate you walking in off the street. They are however very busy and it is not guaranteed they will be in a position to accommodate you straight away as they always seem to be busy. I’d recommend booking in advance for large parties. The food is delicious and it’s affordable.
– Happy House
This Chinese is an All-You-Can-Eat Chinese buffet. Again the same as Big Shanghai this place is constantly busy. This isn’t surprising as you pay approx €15 per adult for all you can eat and there’s plenty to chose from! (Lunch pricing is approx. €11 per adult).
This restaurant is located at the very end of the Strip in new town of Albufeira.


– La Cantina
Located in the heart of Old Town Square you will find this Mexican Gem called La Cantina. Great, authentic Mexican delicacies at an affordable prices. Due to it’s location you will enjoy the live music coming from the square of old town as well as other restaurants nearby. To add to the experience, you also get a little blanket and a Sombrero!
La Cantina Albufeira


– Italian Planet
We found this restaurant accidentally one of the nights and it was delicious. We have actually heard great feedback from many of our wedding guest who have stumbled upon this place. The food actually tastes like Italian food should and it’s great value for money. Located in one of the side streets in the old town, within close proximity to the bus terminal.


– Casa De Fonte
This is the place where we had our 2nd day wedding BBQ celebrations. Located next to the beach tunnel in the old town this restaurant has an amazing atmosphere and the decor of it transforms you to some winery in Italy. Quite affordable pricing for great quality meats. Only thing I’d say is service isn’t great, but if you can stomach that the food itself is definitely worth it.
Casa de fonte


– Vertigo Bar

For those of you who like a good holiday karaoke this is the spot. Affordable drinks and a great laugh at those who had one too many and were brave enough to sing in front of the audience (been there done that 🙂 )
Vertigo Bar
– Rock Cafe Bar
As the name suggests this bar is for lovers of all rock!! Lovely place with live music nightly. Get your table early as the place is packed by 9pm!
– Matt’s Bar
Located in the middle of the strip in the new town, Matt’s bar has a mechanical bull on which you can test your strengths on after few too many! Very popular with hen parties as well as stags.
Other great places include Patcha Bar, Garage, Route 66, Waikiki and many many more.


– Galeria de Arte Pintor Samora Barros
Located in the middle of the old town square for lovers of art this is a must. This little art gallery is perfect for rainy days (yes, they do happen especially in October – been there, done that) and it never hurt to get some culture in.
– Touristrem
Albufeira town offers you a Tourist Tram rides around the city. Think about is as hop on hop off type of thing. Only this looks like something for children, but it’s not!
This tram runs regularly all over the town and full day ticket is €5.00 per adult.
Tourist Tram
– Bullring
This isn’t for everyone, especially not for animal lovers. Had I known what this was like before I went I probably wouldn’t have gone in the first place. There are bull fights every Friday and the tickets can be purchased here. You will experience first hand the real Portuguese bull fights. I am not entirely sure if they are allowed to kill the bulls in Portugal – I know they do in Spain. This is definitely not for faint harted.  The Bullring is located 5 minutes walk from the new town’s strip entrance.
– Marina
The marina in Albufeira Town offers variety of activities for small & big. There is a bungee jump, indoor go-carting, Segway Rides, Game Rooms etc. This is a great place to bring kids for a walk and activities during rainy days. Marina is also one of the stops on the Touristrem Train. You cannot miss it as it’s multicolored architecture stands out for miles.
Marina in Albufeira


– Aqualand / Slide and Splash / Zoomarine
It is commonly known that summer holidays without visiting a water park aren’t complete. There are 3 water parks nearby to Albufeira Town however I have only been to Aqualand and Slide and Splash therefore I cannot vouch for Zoomarine.
The entry pricing varies from year to year and each one of these theme parks offers different services. This can be booked via any of the tourist information desks around the town.
– Algar Experience – Caves & Dolphins Tour
On my last visit to Albufeira we decided to do a boat tour to see Dolphins and learn a little bit about rock formation of the coast of Algarve. Of course sight of dolphins cannot be guaranteed as they are wild animals however we were lucky enough to see them jumping along the boat which was just amazing.  The boat tour costs €25.00 and it lasts approximately 2.5 hours.
– Algarve Beaches
Algarve is known for the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Many of them are located within driving distance of Albufeira. Praia de Oura is definitely the most popular one, along with Praia De Gale and San Rafael Beach. Take your pick there is number of them and they are all  equally beautiful.
Praia De Oura Albufeira
For those who like to treat themselves, on the new town strip you will find a little nail bar which does fish foot spa. It’s definitely an experience like no other.
I do hope you guys found this post useful and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions relating any of the above activities, I’d be happy to help!
Joanna x

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